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  • SUCCESSWRKS HR Solutions Private Limited


    The fundamental belief behind SUCCESSWRKS is to create a factory that spawns SUCCESS for its customers through people solutions. We partner with organisations and help them create most advantageous opportunities to achieve success.


    Talview - Intelligent Hiring

    Talview is a simple, smart, safe recruiting platform designed to help recruitment professionals to hire talent.

  • Korn Ferry

    Founded in 1969, Korn/Ferry International is a famous executive search and leadership development firm. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it is the first executive search firm from US to open ts office in the Asia-Pacific region in 1973.

  • Skillsoft Ireland Limited


    Skillsoft train more professionals than any other company in the world. 400 million users, 1 billion learning modules & counting. Our 100,000+ courses, videos & books are accessed over 130 million times every month, in 160 countries & 29 languages.

  • Mahindra Comviva


    PalmLeaf is a unified & comprehensive smartphone-led solution for enhancing Learning, Productivity, Employee Engagement & Collaboration. Designed to match lifestyle challenges of modern-day employees.

  • Pearson TalentLens

    Pearson TalentLens

    Powered by eight decades of science, Pearson TalentLens assessments and solutions are scientifically proven to enhance your selection and development processes and identify talent ready for the next economy.

  • Central Test

    Central Test

    Central Test offers a solution to one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations and individuals: "Information for decision making". Our psychometric assessments are available in 12 languages and are taken in over 80 countries worldwide.

  • Adecco India

    Adecco India is one of the leading HR solutions company with its headquartes in Bangalore and a wide network of 85 branches. It's a rapidly growing organization with focus on Executive Search, Recruitment, Learning and Temporary Staffing services.

  • Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading cloud-based talent management software solutions provider catering to more than 191 countries and 14 million users worldwide, covering the entire lifecycle of an employee.

  • SuccessFactors Business Solutions India


    Founded in 2001, SuccessFactors, is a SAP company and a multi-national organization providing business execution software solutions to its clients spread across the globe. It is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

  • Saba

    Saba offers cloud-based talent management solutions that help manage and train employees. Services include Learning@Work, Performance@Work, Planning@Work, Collaboration@Work, Succession@Work and Recruiting@Work.

  • Oracle


    Oracle Human Resources Analytics is an organization focused on providing detailed business analysis through technology and cloud based programs helping improve workforce performance. It has more than 400,000 customers spread across 145 countries.

  • Never Grow Up ®

    Never Grow Up ® partners with and consults leading organizations and Human Resource teams to create an organizational culture that curbs attrition, increases productivity & profits through Employee Engagement & allied services.

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    MORE ABOUT Training & Development

    • Training & development services in India

      Training & development services in India are witnessing tectonic shifts, driven primarily by demand for more skilled manpower in the corporate sector. The demographic composition of the workforce is dramatically changing, with more personnel from the rural sector and tier 2 cities entering the organized sector. While it is widely recognized that a very small percentage of academic courses in India churn out professionals who are fit to join the corporate workforce, the last 5 years have seen a large number of corporations hiring professionals at the grassroots level and grooming them per their requirements.

      The influence of technology has changed attitudes and outlook toward learning and development both among organizations and among talent. In the coming times, the emphasis on leadership and management development, technology, and specialized training at the grassroots level will shape the direction of learning and development services in the country.

      A list of training & development service providers in India comprises learning at all levels, from school education to corporate training. The L&D industry is worth approximately $50 billion globally. The 6,500 crore training industry in India caters to five segments― school and college, vocational training, corporate training, professional development (including certifications etc), and leadership development.

    • Training and development services can be classified under the following types.

      HR training- HR training service providers offer development and learning for all aspects of human capital development, including HR training, HR training courses, human resources training, employee training, employee training and development. You may choose a service in training and development in human resource management depending on their ability to understand what is the best employee training and development policy and definition.

      Online learning solutions- Learning professionals often look for the best e learning training development and HR learning and development software. It is important to note that the best HR learning and development software may not always be the cheapest. You may download the list of e learning training development service provider through the People Matters marketplace and find out the HR learning and development service providers in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

      Executive education- Executive education includes services for grooming the leadership of an organization and includes leadership development programs and executive education. What is the best executive education in India is a question of the service provider’s ability to act as advisors.

      Skilling and vocational services- Enterprises often look for services for soft skills training, skill development training, vocational training, teamwork skills, and personality development. What is the best skilling and vocational service for a company depends on the type and level of competencies that an organization wants to build.

      As far as possible, an organization should try to identify service providers with a long-term perspective in mind, and therefore, choosing one which offers a larger range of training & development services may turn out to be cheaper and better than choosing placement services who offer fewer learning services.

    • How to safeguard your annual training & development budget

      1. Outline clear objectives for the year: The organisational training & development mandate should include which programs will be centralised or decentralised, the training agenda for each program, and the broader objective for the year.
      2. Accountability: Without accountability, the business will continually fear the risk of the training & development objectives not being met. Research suggests that the best way to instil confidence about the organisational training & development agenda is by nominating a senior and credible champion who is accountable for the success or failure of the training & development agenda.
      3. Organisational structure: The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT function needs to set up a network of managers who will be responsible for driving the TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT agenda across the organisation.
      4. Detailed spending plan: The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT agenda should be holistic and global in nature with clear direction on where the budgets are allocated. While allocating budgets, the TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT function should take care to avoid spend duplication.
      5. Setting up a centralized learning management system: The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT plan needs to include all service providers under one central LMS that tracks the initiation, delivery, and feedback of all TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT interventions across the enterprise.
      6. Detailed plan for all employee groups: The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT plan needs to include which programs are included for all employee segments— for senior leadership, middle management, and business units and locations. The plan also needs to ensure that they are aligned with the central TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT agenda.
      7. Allocate trainers and participant agenda: The training agenda should include a plan of who will be the trainers and participants of all TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT programs across the year.
      8. In-house and outsourcing plan: While some interventions will be carried out in-house, others might be outsourced. The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT plan should include clear guidance on which programs will be outsourced and the estimated budgets for each.
      9. Plan on how the central TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT function will manage the annual agenda: The TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT plan should include the interventions and relationship of central TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT function with all programs across the year.
      10. Inclusion of the central leadership team: By including interventions and allocating responsibilities of the central leadership team, it will be easier to secure buy-in about the annual TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT budget.

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