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  • CareerNet

    CareerNet offers its clients fast, simple and cost-effective solutions through strategic advice and solutions. It delivers services covering the entire spectrum of talent acquisition and management space.

  • Starpowerz

    Starpowerz Human Resources is a professionally managed entity which has crafted a niche for itself as a reliable HR Services provider specializing in Human Capital Management, Talent Acquisition, Staffing and Business Consulting.


    Talview - Intelligent Hiring

    Talview is a simple, smart, safe recruiting platform designed to help recruitment professionals to hire talent.

  • Skillsoft Ireland Limited


    Skillsoft train more professionals than any other company in the world. 400 million users, 1 billion learning modules & counting. Our 100,000+ courses, videos & books are accessed over 130 million times every month, in 160 countries & 29 languages.

  • Mahindra Comviva


    PalmLeaf is a unified & comprehensive smartphone-led solution for enhancing Learning, Productivity, Employee Engagement & Collaboration. Designed to match lifestyle challenges of modern-day employees.

  • Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading cloud-based talent management software solutions provider catering to more than 191 countries and 14 million users worldwide, covering the entire lifecycle of an employee.

  • SuccessFactors Business Solutions India


    Founded in 2001, SuccessFactors, is a SAP company and a multi-national organization providing business execution software solutions to its clients spread across the globe. It is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

  • Saba

    Saba offers cloud-based talent management solutions that help manage and train employees. Services include Learning@Work, Performance@Work, Planning@Work, Collaboration@Work, Succession@Work and Recruiting@Work.

  • Oracle


    Oracle Human Resources Analytics is an organization focused on providing detailed business analysis through technology and cloud based programs helping improve workforce performance. It has more than 400,000 customers spread across 145 countries.

  • Uneecops

    Established in 1996, Uneecops is an organization providing comprehensive solutions to all kinds of businesses. Now, valued as a $20 million enterprise, it has successfully served more than 500 customers in India, South East Asia, Africa and the U.S.

  • Nreach Online Services Pvt. Ltd.


    Giftxoxo.com is India’s leading Rewards Solution Provider which aims to create a Culture of Appreciation and Happy Workplaces through innovative solutions.

  • O.C. Tanner India Pvt. Ltd.

    O.C. Tanner India Pvt. Ltd.

    Featured on 2016 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, we help the world appreciate great work through cloud-based technology, tools, and awards.

  • Central Test

    Central Test

    Central Test offers a solution to one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations and individuals: "Information for decision making". Our psychometric assessments are available in 12 languages and are taken in over 80 countries worldwide.

  • PulseHRM


    PulseHRM is a cloud-based HRMS and payroll solution developed on Oracle tech stack. It lets you start with the modules you need and add more as you grow. It is a one-stop solution for all your Core-HR, Payroll and other crucial HR tasks.

  • HRMantra


    HRMantra manages staffing, induction, HRIS, attendance, leave, payroll, training, appraisals i.e. all such HRMS activities from candidate entry till employee exit.

  • Displaying 1-15 of 41 results.

    MORE ABOUT HR Technology

    • HR Technology, payroll management, and HRMS service providers in India

      HR technology was the late entrant in the technology space in India. While other enterprise technology platforms have seen a great deal of evolution, the HR technology space is far behind other technology sectors in terms of maturity. HR technology developed in the West in three phases or layers. The first layer comprised automation of administrative tasks, such as payroll and benefits administration platforms with the help of payroll management software. The next layer comprised management of the talent lifecycle within the organization, such as online recruitment system, recruitment software, and recruitment management software. The highest level of technology maturity was seen in the form of integrated solutions that management entire human capital of the organization with the help of HR analytics, HR scorecards, and HR metrics. Global experts, however, believe that development of the HR technology space in India has been unlike the West, and technology providers are pioneering disruptive products that could potentially affect the global HR technology industry.

      A number of trends are affecting the HR technology space, including the evolution of cloud-based services, increasing penetration of mobile computing, and the changing demographic distribution of the workforce. Owing these developments organizations are gradually realizing the need for anytime information availability, new ways to manage performance and efficiency, and develop new ways to engage talent and customers.

      The HR technology market in India will likely see a lot of developments in the coming months, both from the delivery side and in terms of the demand from the buyer side.

    • Payroll and Benefits Administration Platforms

      It is difficult to identify the best and cheapest payroll services for an organization. There are several types of payroll management systems in India starting from the very expensive to the very inexpensive. Few service providers also offer online payroll software free. Payroll management service providers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities provide several value-added payroll services. Value added payroll services include payroll management consulting, including payroll management systems, processes, and payroll technology.

      The People Matters marketplace allows you to download a list of payroll service providers in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities of India.

    • HR Management and Information Systems

      The last decade was marked with organizations scampering to automate internal processes. From payroll and benefits automation to big bang HRMS implementations, the HR technology market in India has witnessed a staggering compounded annual growth rate of 77% YOY since 2007. Also, interesting to note is that this trend was led by small and medium businesses deploying HRIS/HRMS in their attempt to become “tech-savvy.” In the absence of right planning and strategic view, however, a technology implementation can go terribly wrong, resulting in consequences that far outweigh the perceived benefits of automation and digitization.

      The market for HRIS and HRIS software in India is expanding, with more and more service providers providing advisory HRMS services. HRMS consultants in India are present in many cities, including Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

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