• Aon Hewitt

    Aon Hewitt

    Aon Hewitt is a leading provider of human capital and management consulting services providing consulting, outsourcing and reinsurance brokerage services from 500 offices in 120 countries.

  • BI WORLDWIDE India Pvt. Ltd.


    We're the global leader in engagement solutions that drive measurable results for our clients around the world. In India, we have local offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai to take care of you employee engagement initiatives.

  • Indus Health Plus

    Indus Health

    Indus Health Plus facilitates high-end preventive health checkups at affordable prices across India.

  • QuadMo Solutions Private Limited


    We are focused on working with our clients to improve employee engagement using employee recognition as a simple yet effective tool. Our technology platform – easyrecognition.com, will help you automate your complete employee recognition program.

  • Hay Group

    Hay Group is one of the leading global management consulting firm helping companies or businesses execute their strategies to enhance their efficiency and productivity. It has 2,600 employees spread across 87 offices in 49 countries.

  • Quest Diagnostics

    Quest Diagnostics, headquartered in the U.S. provides diagnostic information services that patients and doctors require in order to make better healthcare decisions. It operates in India, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom as well.

  • Kwench

    Kwench Library Solutions Private Limited is a cloud based employee engagement platfrom, helping companies from various sectors like BFSI, IT/ITES, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom, Consulting etc. perform better.

  • Fortis Healthcare

    Fortis Healthcare Limited is a very trusted and a leading pan Asia-Pacific integrated healthcare provider. It provides diagnostics, primary care, day care specialty and hospitals based in 5 countries.

  • Apollo Hospitals

    Bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual, Apollo Hospitals started operations in 1983. Since its inception, it has been successful in emerging as one of the largest integrated healthcare groups.

  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance

    Apollo Hospitals group, to bring world class health care within the reach of every individual, partnered with Munich Health, a world leader in the field of health insurance in a joint venture and benchmarked health insurance in India.

  • Loyalty One

    LoyaltyOne is a well established company with over 20 years of experience in offering loyalty solutions and strategies. It offers loyalty services like Air Miles and Dots, customer analytics services etc.

  • Mercer Consulting (India) Pvt.Ltd.

    Mercer Consulting (India) Pvt.Ltd.

    Around the world, we help clients drive performance through talent.From strategy through to implementation, we work with clients to help them forecast their talent needs, mobilize their workforce, engagement,reward performance and assess talent.

  • Star Health

    Star Health Insurance is a general insurance company and deals in personal accident, mediclaim and overseas travel insurance. They offer affordable and effective plans with a flexibility to suit client business needs.

  • Marsh India Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

    Marsh India

    Marsh India, one of the country's leading insurance brokers, holds a composite broker's licence by IRDA for broking, General Insurance, Life Insurance and Re-insurance. We have been sucessfully helping clients transform their risks into advantages.

  • eYantra

    eYantra had initially become a name synonymous with corporate gifting & brand merchandising, now offers s olutions like corporate gifting, prepaid solutions, brand stores, rewards & recognition, sales & channel effectiveness and office supplies.

  • ChiHealth

    Established in 2009, Chi Health is the subsidiary of Truworth Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chi Health is s a corporate wellness company which focuses on providing health and wellness initiatives for companies.

  • SantulanEAP

    Based in Delhi, Santulan EAP offers companies, Employee Assistance Program or EAP, mental health and behavioral well being solutions. Programs on corporate well being, educational institutes and well being solutions for individuals are also offered.

  • ComPsych® Corporation

    Founded in 1984, ComPsych services include employee assistance programme, crisis management support, behavioural health programs, health and wellness program, health advocacy services, HR services, work-life services and leave management services.

  • ESOP Guardian

    Established in 2003, ESOP Guardian is a web based comprehensive system for managing ESOP of any company. It aims at managing the complete lifecycle of ESOP plans in any company post its implementation.

  • ESOP Direct

    ESOP Direct is the leading service provider in equity based compensation. We are also the pioneers in online stock management services including compliance, employee communication, Plan design & documentation & online transaction capabilities.

MORE ABOUT Benefits & Rewards

  • Benefits & rewards advisors in India

    Organizations have differing benefits & rewards structures, operate under diverse management principles, and have different approaches to employment value positioning. Irrespective of the number of surveys and statistics available on what the workforce values, the horizon of attraction and retention factors in India is rather broad.

    Companies aspire to provide rewards that allow the creation of a strong emotional bond between employees and the organization. There are essentially four key areas where companies provide rewards― compensation, personal development, organizational attributes, and benefits. The prevalent trend of total rewards in India centers around offering standard financial incentives (incentives, ESOPs, stock options) and undifferentiated company-wide benefits (wellness, retirements).

    Indian companies today look at rewards in a reactive manner, making a choice factoring business context and market dynamics is still work in progress. An organization has to find the right balance between short-term and long-term rewards. Different objectives require different incentives and rewards programs have to reflect the short-term and long-term objectives of the strategy.

    ESOPs are getting increasingly popular as an incentive among companies. ESOP in India is a factor of the role and hierarchy of an employee in an organisation. Also, there are several ESOP accounting services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

  • Employee health and wellness

    Employee health and wellness often falls off the grid of priorities in an organizational strategic plan. HR lacks demonstrable ROI to project the importance to the management while employees lack awareness around the potential health risks posed by their immediate external environment and their own internal genetic build, and ultimately the effects that absence of health can have on productivity, motivation, and engagement. Much like compensation, many remark that health and wellness are actually negative engagement drivers― employees are never happy with the amount of money that the organization invests on them. Most organizations grapple with the question of how, and to what extent, health and wellness affect employee productivity and efficiency metrics. Also, which metrics do investments in health and wellness really affect― attraction, engagement, retention, satisfaction, or productivity.

    Many HR leaders believe that the responsibility of an organization extends beyond ensuring physical well-being, it is also equally important to ensure the mental well-being of the workforce. On the flip side, industry leaders believe that it is also an individual’s responsibility to partake a role in ensuring his/her physical and mental well-being. While the debate continues around how much of health and wellness is an organizational responsibility and how much an individual’s responsibility, there is no question about the fact that ignoring the risks will result in productivity losses, employer brand damage, and escalating workforce costs. It is hard to quantify the impact of health and wellness on attraction, retention, productivity, and engagement, but HR leaders do acknowledge that they have a significant impact on the workforce.

    Many HR wellness programs are springing up and companies are availing these service to improve their overall health. Employee wellness programs have become an essential part of human resource management policies in companies.

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