• First Advantage

    First Advantage

    First Advantage is one of the world's largest screening providers, with offices across 25 global locations. Only service provider which offers a singular screening platform configurable and scalable, irrespective of your geographical location.

  • Central Test

    Central Test

    Central Test offers a solution to one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations and individuals: "Information for decision making". Our psychometric assessments are available in 12 languages and are taken in over 80 countries worldwide.

  • MeritTrac


    Merittrac is a pioneer in testing and assessment solutions and has been providing examination processes and assessments to leading educational institutions, Government bodies and corporates.

  • C2C Consulting and Training


    Concept 2 Competence helps organisations develop their OD capabilities by providing consultancy services in learning. The company offers tools, methodologies, leadership development programmes, and education services for business effectiveness.

  • AuthBridge Research Services


    AuthBridge, one of India’s Leading Background Verification and Risk Mitigation companies has been in the business since 2005. AuthBridge, founded by Ajay Trehan, an alumnus of IIT Delhi has been at the forefront of Employment Verification with technologic

  • Pearson TalentLens

    Pearson TalentLens

    Powered by eight decades of science, Pearson TalentLens assessments and solutions are scientifically proven to enhance your selection and development processes and identify talent ready for the next economy.

  • Mettl

    Mettl is an organization providing online assessment and testing platform that helps companies measure, analyze and improve people skills. With a focus on assessments, it combines the same with advanced technology to deliver valid and reliable tests.

  • Center for Creative Leadership


    Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is the world leader in Leadership Development and has been working on its mission to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

  • Thomas Assessments

    Thomas International, established in 1981, provides people assessment solutions to businesses helping them recruit, retain, develop and manage people. It has been in the domain for 30 years now and has 250,000 trained users worldwide.

  • eLitmus

    Established in 2005, eLitmus assists companies in hiring fresh and entry level recruitment candidates. The company offers conducting pH test for candidates as well as recruitment, branding and technology services.

  • Harrison Assessments

    Harrison Assessments was founded in 1990 by Dr. Dan Harrison, Ph.D. - Organizational Psychology. The company services include talent recruitment, talent development and talent readiness system. It is known for its patent ParadoxTechnology™

  • Right Management

    Right Management

    Right Management is one of the global leaders in the space of talent assessement, leader development, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and workforce transition and outplacement.

  • Aon Hewitt

    Aon Hewitt

    Aon Hewitt is a leading provider of human capital and management consulting services providing consulting, outsourcing and reinsurance brokerage services from 500 offices in 120 countries.

  • Wheebox

    Wheebox is a talent assessment company which assists its clients to find the right kind of talent for the right roles. Services offered include behavioural assessments, cognitive ability assessments and domain skill assessments.

  • HR Anexi

    HR Anexi

    HR Anexi is a leading strategic human capital consulting company, offering a wide range of services in the space of talent assessment, employee engagement, HR outsourcing, research, organizational devleopment and surveys

  • Aspiring Minds

    Established in 2008, Aspiring Minds offers institutions and companies services which include industry solutions, assessment products, assessment delivery, finding talent and employability assessments.

  • CEB


    CEB's SHL Talent Measurement Solutions (Talent Measure Solutions) help organizations across the globe to manage and utilize talent to achieve business goals and improve employee performance through learning & development, human research and analysis.

  • 24x7 Learning

    Established in 2001,24x7 Learning provides its customers an online eLearning platform. Services include learning management system (LMS), mobile learning solutions and online education for students and working professionals.

  • Development Dimensions International


    DDI India is amongst the global leaders in talent management and leadership training. We have successfully helped a large number of organizations identify, hire, develop and retain the best people.



    KNOLSKAPE is a leading provider of simulation based training, assessments & services with a focus on management talent transformation. Based on our philosophy of learning by doing, we develop products and services that are engaging & real-life-like.

MORE ABOUT Assessment

  • The best assessment service providers

    Recruiters in India are facing a problem of plenty. There are too many candidates but very few who qualify. Recruiters are always looking at ways to reduce cost and time to hire so that they get more RoI from their hiring investments. Assessments have, therefore, become integral to the hiring process owing their ability to provide hiring organisations with the best and cheapest way to assess shortlisted candidates.

    Candidate shortlisting and selection services in India is done through intensive pre-employment assessment services offered by HR services providers. Assessment services include pre-employment assessment, pre employment screening, pre employment testing, skills assessment, behavioural assessment, and leadership assessment.

    Pre-employment assessment services in India are available in most major cities, including Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Assessment services can be in the form of on premise assessment, campus hiring assessment, or assessment technologies. Choosing the best assessment service is not easy because there is a wide range of service providers to choose from.

  • Skills assessment is likely to pick up

    Skills assessment services will likely pick up in the coming months owing the greater need for organisations to hire quality candidates. Assessment service providers provide many forms of skill assessments, such as technical skills, IT skills, technology skills, soft skills, and leadership skills.

    Many assessment service providers act as consultants to organisations to build their hiring policy and systems to assess the hire the right candidates. The role of technology in skills assessment will likely pick up significantly in the coming times, with more and more automated and online services springing up.

  • Online assessment services in India

    Several new assessment services will likely spring up in the coming months in India. Among them, soft skills assessment will likely take up a majority of the assessment services space, followed by leadership skills assessment. Assessment service providers are also developing automated platforms for assessment services, such as English language proficiency and situational aptitude.

    Online assessment services will likely become very popular in the coming months as assessments become more and more an integral part of the hiring process. Online assessment is a service that a hiring organisation can take benefit of sitting in a single location. As the internet infrastructure of the economy continues to proliferate, and mobile and social tools grow in popularity, online assessments will likely be used widely across the industry.

  • Pre employment testing for ensuring high quality

    As the urge for hiring quality candidates increases, pre employment testing services will become more popular and widely used across all cities. Pre screening is a way for candidate filtering, given that companies face many issues in finding services for shortlisting candidates. These pre employment testing services in India help an employer find the right talent through several tools, such as pre employment personality test, skills assessment, and pre employment physical tests.

  • Cheapest psychometric assessment services

    Psychometric assessment services are employed by organisations in many ways including psychometric tests, psychometric assessment, psychological assessment, personality assessment test, performance assessment, and employee assessment.

    Psychometric assessment services act as advisors to a company for identifying and selecting candidates who are a cultural and skills fit.

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