Loyalty One

1st Floor, Equinox Commercial Centre, Equinox Business Park, LBS Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070



At a Glance

Founded In 2011
Specialities Coalition loyalty program, Retail & Consumer analytics


Recognition Services Rewards & Recognition Technology


LoyaltyOne is a well established company with over 20 years of experience in offering loyalty solutions. It offers loyalty services like Air Miles and Dots, customer analytics services etc. Started in 1991, by Craig Underwood, Sam Duboc and Rob Gierkink, it came to become the LoyaltyOne brand in 2008.

With its unique services, it helps comapnies perform better and in a sustainable manner and enrich relationships between companies and their customers. The company believes that a customer more engaged can be converted into a more loyal customer and following the same, it designs and creates customer-centric solutions and loyalty strategies to benefit businesses and customers.