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At a Glance

1 Your complete gamification solutions partner
2 Gamified 360° employee performance management & rewards
3 Gamified employee onboarding platform
4 Ready-to-deploy multi-tenant game assessments and quizzes
5 Powerful trends discovery and predictive analytics for HR
6 Fully customizable trends discovery & analytics for HR


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eMee is a unique gamification and engagement platform that uses game elements coupled with advanced big data analytics to develop exciting gamified solutions in employee performance management, onboarding and training. eMee harnesses the power of gamification and predictive analytics to the fullest, boosting morale and productivity.

With our gamification solutions coupled with SMAC technologies, we are ushering in true enterprise digital transformation in some of the most exciting organizations worldwide. As a comprehensive gamification partner, eMee brings in the differentiators businesses are looking for.


Gamified Employee Engagement Solutions

eMee goes much beyond points and badges, providing a comprehensive, customizable platform that encompasses all facets of an employee's life in the organization.

  • Gamified 360 degree employee performance management and rewards platform
  • Gamified employee onboarding platform
  • Ready-to-deploy multi-tenant game-based assessments and quizzes
  • Powerful trends discovery and predictive analytics for HR
  • Employee mood and motivation analytics
  • Gamified solution for operations and call center

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