AssessPeople Services (India)

5th Floor, Jhaver Plaza,No 1A, , N.H.Road,Nungambakkam,, Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600034



At a Glance

Founded in 1999
Specialties Hiring, Growth, Retention and Survey Solutions


Recruitment Assessments


Assess People provides assessment services for workforce management and development. Services include growth solutions, hiring solutions, retention solutions and survey solutions. It aims at providing companies improve their workforce productivity through improving quality and productivity of hires, reducing cost of hiring, reducing cost of training, managing fitment and job transition, improving individual and team development plans, managing attrition and conduct specific workforce research studies. It also helps in assessment of aptitudes, abilities, skills, behaviours, competencies, knowledge, morale, attitude and work values. Assess People has offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.