Never Grow Up Workshops Pvt. Ltd.

5/A, Basant Mahal, Nana Phadnavis Road, Wadala East, Mumbai - 400037



At a Glance

Founded in 2010
Headquarters Mumbai
Specialities Employee Engagement, Work Culture, Work Life Balance


Benefits & Rewards Employer Branding


We are a fun loving company that’s pretty serious about making work life a lot more creative, balanced and eventful. Simply put, we are dedicated to the pursuit of happiness at work by keeping employees engaged and turning the 9 to 6 schedule into something people look forward to. All this in an attempt to create a strong employer brand while enhancing the culture of your workplace!

For us, Never Grow Up ® is a belief that transcends across generations. It is a movement for all busy grown-ups driven by a routine while waiting for the coveted annual leave one Friday after another. Go ahead! Connect. Reward & Collaborate! Let people have a say, learn new things, build a sense of ownership, learn to lead and yes; have loads of fun in the process!